Yes, yes.

I know.

I’m probably the worst online blogger known to date. But life has just been so crazy-busy lately and I’ve fallen into such a routine that I’m afraid it’s all become a bit monotonous. Is this what it means to grow up?

Every day I wake up, go to gym, plan my lessons, attend job number one, jet off to job number two straight after, and then head home to climb into bed and rest my poor baby feet. I’ve learnt what dresses I can and can’t wear when riding my scooter so to avoid them blowing up around my waist. I’ve learnt the names of my most travelled streets so I no longer feel stressed and lost in a city where English is not primarily spoken. I’ve learnt to take initiative while driving because ‘letting people in’ is not something practiced in Hanoi. If you want to get to your destination you better start pushing.

Andoni and Jess have now been in South Africa for almost a week. Having the apartment to myself has been nice, even if I don’t spend too much time in it. I get to walk around in my undies, which is great considering the 40 degree weather, but I will admit that it gets a bit lonely at times.

Hanoi has been insanely hot as of late. Never in my life have I experienced such heat before. No matter what I wear, I always end up clammy and uncomfortable.

I find that as I settle more and more into this lifestyle, I ironically begin to miss South Africa more and more. I am obviously still so excited to be here, teaching children and experiencing a whole nother country. But at the same time, I’m beginning to miss the little things (on top of already missing my family, friends, and Dischem). I miss waking up NOT in a sweat. I miss making a cup of five roses tea to accompany my Ouma rusks as I watch my morning shows. I miss being able to look out the window and seeing an actual blue sky. I miss breathing in the air deeply and serenely without hacking up a lung. I miss seeing friendly faces everywhere I go. I miss people holding the door open for you. I miss Sunday braais. I miss being able to go to a Pick n Pay and finding everything I need at one place.

I miss climbing into my little Peugeot and driving down the road to visit my grandparents for lunch. I miss coming home to my doggy and getting welcome back kisses from she who loves me unconditionally. I miss talking absolute rubbish with my brother. I miss lounging around on my mom’s bed, gossiping like a couple of school girls. I miss getting pizza and watching old cartoons with my dad until we both fall asleep on the couch.

Maybe I’m just feeling nostalgic. Maybe it has nothing to do with Vietnam. Maybe it has everything to do with Vietnam. Maybe I’m romaticizing South Africa – God knows it’s riddled with problems still – but does that mean I should run away from it?


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